Long story short, I love what I do.

Being a wedding photographer has such a rewarding feeling, knowing that other people have the pictures I’ve taken hanging on their walls to remind them of their amazing day; it doesn’t get much better than that. And who doesn’t love a good wedding right?!

But… I’m not just that. Im a husband, an uncle, a son, a brother and most importantly a dad. My love for photography grew around my passion for capturing my own interests and family life which quickly developed into the career I love, and if it weren’t for my sisters own wedding back in 2011 I may not be where I am today.

Whilst I love living in my little countryside town in Somerset, I am more than happy to travel all over the UK and worldwide. So far I’ve been a wedding photographer across Somerset, Dorset, London, Devon, Gloucestershire, Cotswolds and Bristol and would love to expand on my portfolio and travel.

Not Just A Photographer

Here's a few things about me that I'm sure you didn’t know!

– I’m married myself and with our two children Leo and Harlow, and our pet pug Frank.
– I originally wanted to be an interior designer or architect when I left school but felt photography suited me better.
– Nothing beats being in the sea waiting for the next wave to come
– I will always choose cheesecake at the end of a meal out.
– My favourite place in the world is Croyde Bay in Devon.
– My favourite actor is Jim Carrey.
– I should have been born Italian. If you got pizza or pasta; Im there!
– The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are my favourite band, yet I’ve never seen them live. Boo!
– I’m an ok rollerblader but struggle to find the time now to do it.
– I really don’t like the feeling of velvet on my fingertips.

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