Bath, Somerset & Devon Wedding Photographer. Travels in the UK & Internationally.

Lets start with something really cliché... I love what I do for a living. I love being a wedding photographer for the same reason musicians love performing. I do it to make others happy!

From beachside sunsets, to dark and romantic barns in the middle of the countryside, I am there for you and your guests. I’m there to capture the moments you miss, to tell your story and capture memories that will drift away with time. All of this collected creates your story and I find it humbling that couples choose me to share their time and memories with them and capture it beautifully for generations to enjoy for years after.

I love to explore new venues and places, so if you are engaged and planning your wedding or seeking a lifestyle photoshoot, and booking a photographer is next on your list please get in touch to talk about availability and investing in your photography.

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Love Stories