Haynes Motor Museum was the location of choice and when I Ollie and Sherrie for the first time I was probably just as excited as they were to get the chance to capture their wedding in this building. It’s not often you get to walk around millions of pounds worth of cars; it’s normally your sort of ‘family day out’ but for Sherrie and Ollie, they went a step further and got married around some of the rarest cars in the world!

Unfortunately, my mind is melting right now with editing and this heatwave so my writing skills are lacking somewhat but hopefully the photos will make up for that. Lets be honest, if you’re still reading this I applaud you as Im the worst and jsut went straight for the picture books when i was little! haha
A huge congratulations to Ollie and Sherrie once more and I wish them all the best in the future!


• Venue : Haynes Motor Museum
• Cake: The Duke of Cakes
• DJ: Pulse Roadshow
• Hair Stylist: Style and Smile
• Make-Up Artist: Danielle Turner