With the wedding season still not in full swing, 4 down, and 35 still to go, I had a short gap between Feb and March where I was waiting patiently to get stuck in to another wedding, and next on the list was Aimee and Matts day at the stunning Batch Country House near W-S-M. It didn’t take long for the day to arrive thankfully, and after meeting the couple a few weeks prior to the day I was well aware of what was planned for the guests and I couldn’t wait to get snapping and catching everyones reactions to their plans *cough, singer waiters, cough*

Without knowing it, Aimee, Matt and myself have crossed paths a few times before, at weddings, nights out no doubt and other ways but from day one when I walked into their new home I knew it was going to work out and I’m so glad it did. A lot of clients come back to me and say that the photographer is the most important part of the day as far as suppliers go as we spend so much time together and I couldn’t agree more. Our relationship starts out very professional but it just turns into friendship to be completely honest and by the end of the day, my professional side slips a little and I just get stuck in and it makes everyone so much more relaxed around the camera. This is how this day went!

Aimee and Matt chose to have their big day all under one roof and invited all of their family and friends to celebrate with them. The usual happenings went on as normal with the bride getting ready, the groom getting ready, guests arriving, the ceremony, group shots and so on, and then after the dinner it got very interesting with an appearance from the Swinging Rascals!! I had never seen singing waiters but I can honestly say it was amazing. A+M wanted to surprise their guests and they definitely done that so job well done to them.

Another part of the day which was a total surprise was the weather forecast. I can honestly say I have been very lucky so far this year and I can only hope this dry streak continues for the rest of my clients for the ongoing future! Bring on the summer! I won’t go on too much as I’m sure you’ve already stopped reading, and if you haven’t fair play to you, but I would like to take this chance to say a huge congratulations to Matt and Aimee once again and a massive thank you for asking me to capture their big day, and although they have given me some awesome feedback already, I hope they love their photos and cherish them forever 🙂

• Dress: Wed2be
• Hair Stylist: Beautiful Bride Company
• DJ: DJ Gerry
• Singing Waiters: Swinging Rascals
• Venue: The Batch Country House