“As soon as we were engaged we knew we wanted to enquire with Ryan to see if he was available for our day.We had to push our date back a year due to the pandemic, and Ryan was incredibly helpful throughout.

On the day he was an air of calm, capturing beautiful shots which we will treasure forever. Many guests have complimented his style of photography as well as his attitude on the day. Neither of us were looking forward to having our portraits taken, but the results are proof that Ryan is a wizard with the camera. Thank you so much. Rosie & Ash”

I’ve known Rosie and Ash for a very long time and expected nothing different from their stunning wedding at Holbrook House in Somerset, and hosting their wedding in the Autumn led to so many beautiful photos with the colours forming on the trees with the leaves turning red which became quite prominent in a lot of photos. And on the day, like most of the other weddings I photographed this past Autumn, the weather was perfect; with a misty dew to start the day, and sunshine all the way up to the wedding breakfast, leaving the guests with lots of time to relax outside and chat in what probably fells like a lifetime. It was quite literally a breath of fresh air, no pun intended.

The day began like most with a quick visit to the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready. After capturing a few detail shots of her shoes, the dress and other bits, and catching up with the bridesmaids, I was off to the venue where I met Ash and his best man. I spotted a surprise for the guests as I arrived in the car park who was this lovely gentleman prepping for the bagpipe arrival for the bridesmaids and the guests, and what a treat that was for everyone. A lot of the day was revolved around Scotland and its culture, and the origin of the story is Ash proposed in Edinburgh after what I can imagine was a good day at the local pubs from what I heard in the speeches.

After the ceremony itself, Rosie and Ash’s black Labrador who sometimes responds to Sam, came to say hello and stand proud in some of my favourite shots. Particularly the one you see above and hopefully the one that drew you in to read on about their amazing day. Tears were shed, the food eaten, wine poured, speeches spoken, cake cut, portraits shot and transfer tattoos applied, and at this stage the day was coming to an end ready for the party they have all been waiting for. And like most 2020 couples, there was a lot to make up for and their guests didn’t let them down. Lots of dancing, shots in the corridors and just seeing everyone enjoy themselves so much was amazing to be around once more.

And let’s not forget to mention how amazing their decorations were throughout the day. From the dog biscuits, the beautiful florals cleverly put together by Classic Flower Designs, the signs all over the venue and the tattoo/cinema tables, it certainly made for a fun and engaging day for everyone. I won’t say much more though as I’ll describe the entire day leaving no surprises for you, but its definitely worth having a scroll through, so grab a whiskey or coffee and take ten to enjoy Rosie and Ash’s wedding through this selection of photos of their day.

And credit where credits due goes out to their suppliers too. Congratulations guys!

• Venue: Holbrook Manor
• MUA: Themselves
• Florist: Classic Flower Designs
• DJ: Kieran Clarke
• Cake: Themselves
• Hair Stylist: Becca Lowe, Hair Studio Timsbury