1. Snow Day / Somerset Wedding Photography

    Date 02 Mar 2018
    I just couldn’t resist grabbing my camera in this beautiful weather and who better to stand infront of the camera once again than my wife. We only spent about 5 minutes with the camera but we got plenty of photos, and Abbie took the chance to throw plenty of snow…

  2. Ruth and Ben / Winkworth Farm / Wiltshire Wedding Photography

    Date 01 Mar 2018
    As far as winter weddings go this one was pretty awesome! The weather, the venue and the couple made it the picture perfect day to capture. This year alone, I’ve got the pleasure of visiting over 10 new venues, and Winkworth Farm in Malmsebury was the first on the list and I’m so glad…

  3. Katy and Adams Magazine Feature

    Date 27 Feb 2018
    SO a few months back I was given the opportunity to submit some REAL weddings into some magazines and one in particular was the local Bristol and Somerset Wedding Magazine. I have a few weddings lined up to be published but we decided to start off with the amazing Katy…

  4. Jade and Mike / Leigh Park Hotel Wedding Photography / Wiltshire Wedding Photographer

    Date 16 Feb 2018
    So my 2018 wedding season has finally arrived, and I couldn’t have been more excited to grab my camera and capture some real life weddings all over the UK, and with nearly 40 weddings lined up this year, covering over 10 new venues, and revisiting many favourite places I cannot wait to capture…

  5. Wedding Fairs - Top Tips on Choosing a Photographer

    Date 11 Feb 2018
    Who’s getting married this year then? Or next year? Or even the year after that?! Whenever it may be, most couples will be starting to think about planning all the little details. With this in mind I wanted to bring up the subject of wedding fairs and it comes as…

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